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By Ray White Practice Sales

The likelihood is your dental or veterinary practice is one of your largest financial assets and the success of your practice is the result of years of hard work, stress and personal commitment.

When it comes to realising the value in what you have created, it is vital that all your hard work is correctly rewarded and the maximum value is achieved. To do this there are many elements that need to be appraised and truly understood. Unfortunately, many brokers do not invest the time, or maybe don’t have the knowledge, to truly assess every aspect of what makes your practice both a viable proposition for a potential buyer and to obtain its true value. This is why at Ray White Practice Sales we employ our

‘Team Appraisals’ ™ methodology, to ensure we know everything about your practice in order to attract the right buyer, to build on your legacy and for you to obtain the true value for your years of hard work.

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