Dental industry professionals combine experience for Ray White Practice Sales

By Aaron Hivon

With decades of experience in the dental industry, Carl Burroughs and Peter Hughes will join Ray White Business Sales SA principal Brett Buckley to start Ray White Practice Sales.

The new business will focus on appraising and selling dental practices before moving into the allied health, NDIS, and veterinary practice sectors.

Mr Burroughs started his career as a real estate agent in the UK, before migrating to Australia in 1993 and starting a telecommunications company. In 2001 he bought a marketing company which specialises in dentistry.

Dr Hughes has always worked in the healthcare space after completing his MBA and PHD in business disciplines. He was the global CEO for Lendlease’s healthcare business, living and working in the US. He later founded Ekera Medical and Ekera Dental which now owns and operates between 40-50 medical and dental businesses. After leaving Ekera in 2017 he formed Kikada Lane Dental where Mr Burroughs served as the marketing director.

Mr Buckley has been selling practices since 2012, but has been involved in business acquisitions since the 1990s, also owning his own SMEs. He joined Ray White in 2017 by starting Ray White Business Sales SA.

Dr Hughes met Mr Buckley while working for Ekera, and acquired some practices through him. During this time they developed a professional relationship as well as a good friendship.

“We all identified a significant gap in the market,” Mr Burroughs said.

“In the dental sector it’s about professionalism, reputation, and making the whole process more comprehensive.”

“We really want to do a complete end to end solution for both parties.”

“Our combined experience is exceptional, and we’d be three of the most experienced dental acquisition professionals in this industry.”

Ray White Practice Sales will operate nationally, with Mr Burroughs based in Queensland, Dr Hughes in Victoria, and Mr Buckley in South Australia.

“In the first 12 months we want to establish ourselves as a reputable name in the industry, and the Ray White brand will help us tremendously,” Dr Hughes said.

“Brett already has a great reputation as a broker.

“We want to establish a pipeline of opportunities and prove to the market that we can achieve optimal results for them.”

He said integrity was a very important factor in the business.

“We have had experience where some other brokers will often tell their vendors what they want to hear and at times not be realistic. That wastes a lot of time for a lot of people,” Dr Hughes said.

“So integrity, honesty, and transparency are key in this market.

“It’s not just about the sale for us, but it’s about the process and then the best end outcomes for our clients and their prospective purchasers.”

Ray White Commercial head of agency operations Andrew Freeman welcomed the Ray White Practice Sales team to the family.

“It’s an absolute honour to have Carl and Peter join the Ray White family alongside our existing member Brett Buckley,” Mr Freeman said.

“Ray White Practice Sales will add to the diversity of our specialised network.

“With the extraordinary combined experience of Brett, Peter and Carl, I can’t wait to see everything they achieve in their new business.”

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