Carl Burroughs


Carl Burroughs has been at the forefront of dental business development in Australia since 2001.

His marketing company, Integrated Dental Marketing, (IDM) has helped hundreds of dental practices achieve their goals through proactive marketing and advertising campaigns, plus Carl has personally consulted to many of the dental corporations and groups that have emerged within the profession over the past 20 years.

In 2007, Carl co-founded Dental Partners (now Maven Dental) helping take the group from inception to over 60 dental practices nationally, before successfully exiting through a trade sale to Abano Healthcare NZ.

Always looking to empower those within the dental profession, Carl launched The Marketing Dentistry Institute in 2012, which has presented world-renowned speakers such as Dr Bill Dorfman, Dr Howard Farran, Dr Mark Costes plus many others.

Carl also owns and runs his own dental practices, which he uses to pilot new marketing and business strategies in a real-world environment. In 2016, Carl’s practice in Queensland grew by an astonishing 200% in the face of stiff competition and a saturated local marketplace.

A regular columnist for Australasian Dentist Magazine Carl has authored over 80 papers on the topic of dental marketing and practice management as well as ghost writing for numerous prominent people within the profession.

After over twenty years of helping dentists grow and improve their practices, and having been involved in the sale and acquisition of numerous dental practices, today Carl is delighted to be helping dental practice owners plan how to maximise their many years of hard work and commitment through exit strategies and mergers.

Always approachable, Carl is as excited about the dental profession today as when he entered the sector over two decades ago.